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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tec Stand Up Paddleboard

Tec Stand Up Paddleboard

BIC Sport DuraTec Stand Up Paddleboard 10' 4"

An ideal blend of stability and performance, the Bic Sport DuraTec 10 ft. 4 in. stand up paddleboard may just be the most versatile watercraft a funloving family could ask for. Perfect for cruising on flatwater and light surf, the DuraTec 10 ft. 4 in. board combines durability and performance to create a great multipurpose board. 10 ft. 4 in. length accommodates 175 lbs., offering maneuverability and a stable ride for an averagesize paddler. Padded deck supplies reliable waxfree traction when paddling in the standing or kneeling position and provides increased comfort on longer paddles. A foam core encased in thermoformed polyethylene offers excellent durability and high flotation. 10 in. single fin promotes straight tracking in the water. Integrated carry handle on deck makes toting the 35 lb. Bic Sport DuraTec 10 ft. 4 in. We live on a lake that requires us to huff the board down concrete steps to a small boat landing. The rugged plastic takes scrapes and impacts much better than a fragile fiberglass board. You may compromise on aesthetics but that's not really the point. I was pleasantly surprised by how light the board was and the recessed handle really makes it convenient to carry. Very stable for a "shorter" paddle board at 10'4" really is a great core and legs workout. Perfect for recreational paddle boarding and provides a whole new perspective on enjoying the lake. I can't really comment on how it would handle in rougher waters (surf, rapids, moving water).

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