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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

AFLC semi final victory Shanghai teams reach the final success

AFLC last regular season ranking: North Chongqing port workers, Upper East shark t Tan, Southern District, Hong Kong Cobra, wild card Shanghai Nighthawk. According to the report as well as the intensity of the game, five victories in Hong Kong Hawk came out Nighthawk on top, taking account of the reasons for the passports, in Zhuhai to Shanghai the second place on the Hai Tai Tan against Chongqing port workers. Ultimately that is Shanghai both teams win, the winner of the second session of the AFLC in Shanghai blocked.
At 14:30 on November 29, start Shanghai and Hong Kong Nighthawk Cobra race for the first time. Cobra staff special team of about 30 people, the Chinese people not more than 13 persons, less than half. According to the rules of the AFLC aid can't throw more than five persons, so that the Cobra team players in China are basically played the audience. First half strike Nighthawk, Cobra have aspects of the Nighthawk offensive tactic one highly targeted adjustments, has been blocked, so night owls, on the other hand, the Nighthawk defense COBRA attack nothing can be also. After some offensive and defensive, Nighthawk gradually conducting touchdowns dominated the rhythm of the game, constantly progressing. The first half of the Nighthawk 6: 0 lead Cobra.
Second half, Cobra finally joined the strongest team, with two foreign aid were functional quarterback and run back, the Cobra makes combat ability has been greatly improved, but still a Defense Group Nighthawk previous level is kept, but also the stability of the offensive play group, we can extend the score to 20: 0 Nighthawk feeling is a winner, the Cobra started to enhance errors. Nighthawk then again want defence group after throwing interceptions to complete a backward, but errors were cobra snatch the ball, the ball rose let Cobra dynamics and then stopped a touchdown. Cobra then want to attack the ball kicked gambling continues to attack, but unfortunately not, but it was the anti-defence group fourth gear under the Nighthawk attack, turn defence into attack. Faced with this team still unbeaten, Nighthawk dare not neglect, have defensive group not all do, leave score to COBRA. But an error on the other side, and to the player steals cobra offensive touchdowns, which hunt score 20.13 offensive team in the red zone. Then, revelers failed in the last two minutes at halftime a goal by COBRA attack, but the pass was Nighthawk corner steals, the game ends.
After the victory, the Nighthawk, the first time the issue of the final boss, this time with the Hai Tai Tan Chongqing port workers as a bitter struggle that is more intense than the other side of the Zhuhai consider Shanghai Stadium fight.
Port workers took over the lead in the first half, but the foul was broken up early touchdowns, titanium of homeopathic reference of get touchdowns. It did not take long, once abandoned due to kick-off errors during playback, so directly to touchdowns, and the use of two additional points points lead dockers, lead the Titans port workers in the first half, 8-6.
Section III, continued to scream port workers, run pass Titans defensive Group continues to spend combined, and the consecutive touchdowns. Titanium is not so easy to defeat, was again the offensive group, pulled a touchdown. A serious problem faced the Titans to the critical fourth quarter, three Running Backs were injured, not in a position to fight another day only forced to focus on the passing attack taken. After changing tactic is still very sharp, not only directly tied, and with eight points to overtake the score to rival the Titans offensive. Port workers, finally, is the defending champion, is not so easy to throw, a wave of attacks in touchdowns district, the score in 28 levels the towel. Then, give the most controversial moment of the arbitrator port workers were not allowed after two consecutive touchdowns, of which one offensive fouls, because if it a ball out of bounds. This is a big blow for the two penalty dockers morality, titanium ensemble homeopathic blow 30 meters long array, Demaryius Thomas Jerseys,convey into the side on a record ends the game with 35:28 victory over Chongqing on Hai Tai Tan dockers.
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